During the past years MICE* driven hotels have been outsourcing their pastry kitchens in an effort to flex their fixed costs and bolster EBITDA.

Chefs tend to agree they got stuck with frozen patisserie as the only viable alternative available to them. This means compromising on quality, flexibility and creative control causing properties to lose their distinct individuality.

We are the only company that has a proven track record where chefs can regain all of the above without increasing their food cost, and compromising brand standards. In the same time they are also improving their customer's satisfaction and adding flexibility to the sales team.

Insourcing. That’s what we do.

This means we are actually “manning” again your pastry kitchen and developing with the chef a full range of coffee breaks (sweet & salty), desserts for buffets, a la carte & set menus as well as amenities and executive lounge set ups . And if they built your property without a pastry kitchen don’t worry; We’ve got solutions to integrate in your existing set up without any changes to your daily routine.

We also adhere to your corporate values regarding seasonality, sustainability, local procurement and respect of the environment..

*Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events

We are banquet driven therefore we analyze the following questions first :

What is the food cost target?

What are the number of clients per year in average for lunch / diner buffets and coffee breaks?
What is the MICE Season? Are we busy during christmas break, during the summer?

What are the average amenity budgets amount per day?
What are the needs of the A la carte restaurant(s)?
What are the needs of the executive lounge?

Does the hotel have a pastry kitchen that is underutilized?
Does the hotel have kitchen space that is underutilized?
How are the fridges and freezers organized?

Based on the above we can from experience chose the best model.

In-House Insourcing

You'll have a fully manned permanent pastry kitchen working in-house like before.

Except your costing is flexed as you are paying for products you order when you have business.

When you don't have business we'll still man the pastry but there is no charge for it.

This model requires a minimum amount of forecasted turnover to work varied by country & continent.

Hybrid Insourcing

You want a fully manned pastry kitchen but you don't have the volumes to warrant one.

In this case our staff might take over tasks that you were not performing such as:

- Baking frozen bread rolls and danishes instead of you buying them fresh at a higher cost.
- Cutting the fruit salad freshly every day instead of you buying them pre packed.

Basically we are increasing the food quality without you feeling an increase in cost and manning the pastry on a permanent basis.

By implementing the above we are able to provide full hours to staff.

Jean-Jacques De Messier Culinary Insourcers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss-Belgian holding De Messier Group of Companies. It was launched by De Messier's commodity trading daughter company in Warsaw, Poland in 2008 responding to outsourcing needs on the market.

The strongly capitalized subsidiary since perfected its approach under it's parent company's founding principles of "listen first, then analyze and finally grow" and has positioned itself as a trusted and consistent insourcing specialist.

During the last years we have expanded globally with mouth-to-ear references and recommendations serving the top global and regional hotel operators with pride.

The board members guide local management teams regarding development, commodities purchases and organizational structures.

Gabor Kotany

Hungarian citizen residing in Bratislava, Slovakia. Mr. Kotany earned a Bachelor and Master's degree from Szent Istvan University in Gyulla, Hungary and a MBA from Middlesex University in the UK. Starting at Pepsico Hungary Mr. Kotany has assumed Managing Director positions at G4S and Aramark making him versed in outsourcing and insourcing models across industries.

Pardeep Kumar

Pakistani citizen residing in Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. Kumar, a graduate of Arizona's Eller School of Management with a degree in business administration, is at the helm of Chawla International, a family business taking pride in being one of Asia's leading fertilizer and rice producers.

Dan Perl

Belgium citizen residing in Sofia, Bulgaria. A graduate of Catholic University of Leuven with a law degree and a master's degree in accounting & finance complemented by a business degree's from Arizona's Eller School of Management. Mr. Perl has been associated with De Messier's group of companies since 2002 which he joined from Belgium's MPA & MIH Group.

A platform to exchange new ideas and concepts on a global scale with executive chefs that have experienced working with us.

Thomas Preidelt

Chef Thomas has grown through the ranks at Hilton to take his first position as executive chef at the Hilton Munich succeeded by Warsaw, Aquaba and currently is in charge of Hilton Abuja on the African continent.

Eric Fettke

Chef Eric has grown through the ranks at IHG by assuming his first executive position at the Intercontinental Warsaw coming from the Intercontinental Johannesburg. He currently is pre-opening Intercontinental newest Hanoi property after having been at the helms of Hanoi's Intercontinental West Lake.

Dan Elinan

Chef Elinan left Miami's Victor in South Beach as the Executive Sous Chef to lead two restaurant groups in Hungary before assuming the position of executive chef for Marriott's Autograph Collection in Prague & Budapest. He currently serves as the Executive Chef of the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco after being at the helms of the Hyatt Key West.

Brian Farrel

Chef Brian is the executive chef of the Sheraton Amman in Jordan following stints as executive chef with Starwood in London, China, Rep.of Georgia & The Philippines. Complementing his rise at Starwood he has vast experience as executive & consulting chef in aviation, fine dining and hotel openings.

Wolfgang Goedl

Chef Wolfgang is the executive chef of Swissotel's flagship in Izmir, Turkey following a 20+ year career at Hilton as executive chef of the Hiltons in Mersin, Ankara and Vienna Stadpark.

Abdelsattar Zitouni

Tunisian born Chef Abdelsattar started his career as apprentice over 40 years ago at the Sheraton Tunis growing into leading Four Season's New York, Caracas and Budapest flagships as Executive Chef. Currently he is the corporate chef of Russia's largest fish distributor and restaurateur La Marée in Moscow.

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Li Qiang
Client Relationship Manager Asia


Ben Markins
Client Relationship Manager North America


Juan Marros
Client Relationship Manager South America


Klaus Ruhren
Client Relationship Manager Europe


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Client Relationship Manager Africa


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Client Relationship Manager Middle East

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